Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Little Sugar Flashback

Crazy Lady is off to Texas, so Sugar is staying with us until next week. We all know Sugar from her blog, right?

But that wasn't at all the Sugar that originally came to us as a foster dog 1.5 years ago. Sugar was our 4th fearful foster -- and the 1st one that was actually planned, so I was ready for her. I set up her very own room where she could hide all she wanted until she was ready to come out. Flashback music, please.


Wild Dingo said...

I LOVE the progression of vids! What a great education of how to work with a fearful dog! especially the day 2 hand feeding. Day 3, sugar's like, fearful? ha! That was me just pretending!

Boomer and Phoebe are excellent foster siblings. They really know how to help a dog use doggie language appropriately! It was beautiful to see.

Now Sugar's with Crazy Lady and all growed up and she'd probably LAUGH at her silly fears!

Sugar said...

Ahhhh...I'm sitting at the airport, watching these videos and waiting for my connecting flight. She was so skinny! Some things stayed the same-- tossing toys in the air, killing toys, teasing other dogs with toys. She still plays like a total spaz, although she's much more dominate and self assured. Can't wait to get home! (although I know she is an excellent hands) Thanks for taking care of Sugar!

nancy Bailey said...

What wonderful videos. A true testament to the work you do. Dogs are so much more emotionally healthy than humans.