Monday, August 10, 2009


I was looking through the old archives and came across some pictures of Logan when he was just a pup in Taiwan. Logan is Robin's dog. Robin, as you'll remember, is Miko's foster mom.

Logan today.

Logan then.

The famous FMD leg-crossover. Some may think a person posed Logan's legs for this picture, but many Taiwan dogs sit like that. (Criss cross, applesauce.)


Wild Dingo said...

FMD's may not always be perfect (ahem...Loki...) but they sure are POLITE! Loki's favorite pose. check out the post on wild dingo!

Sugar said...

Awwww, what a heartbreaker! I'd say that Loki has some competition for Sugar's affections, but, well...I'm the first to admit that my dog is a slut. She'll LOVE both of them!

Judy H Wong said...

I found this picture. It is sad mixed with hope.

Anonymous said...

Logan is an amazingly beautiful dog. I love the long, graceful legs and the way he carries himself. Mixed with the alrge ears, it makes me think of the egyptian statues of the black jackals. :)