Friday, August 21, 2009

Sammy the 2-Legged Puppy

Mel at Doggon Wheels, the company that made Popeye's cart, told me that she had talked to a rescue in Canada who was interested in getting a Doggon cart for one of their rescued dogs. Sammy is listed as a 5-month old puppy, is also from Taiwan, and has only his front 2 legs. The rescue had asked Mel if a 2-legged dog like Sammy could run in a cart. Mel directed them to Popeye's video.

I am always curious to learn more about the other 2-legged and/or paralyzed dogs in the world, so after hearing about Sammy, I tried to find out more about him. To no avail. Until today.

There is a woman named Dolores who has a senior border collie that suffers from severe arthritis as well as having 1 rear leg amputated. Dolores and I "met" online through our mutual dissatisfaction with the Eddie's Wheels carts we had each ordered for our dogs. When she saw how fabulous Popeye did in his Doggon Wheels, she held a garage sale and earned enough to order a Doggon for her dog as well. Her dog's experience with the carts is an interesting one and one that I hope to share some time in the future. But I digress.

Dolores forwarded me an adoption ad today for another 2-legged dog. And lo and behold, it was Sammy's. She did not even know I had been searching for more info about him.

Sammy's Petfinder ad can be viewed here:

I have fostered black puppies from Taiwan that looked just like him. His bio states that he was hit by a car. It does not mention anything about him being incontinent, which I believe is the biggest barrier to Popeye finding a Forever Home, so hopefully Sammy won't have to wait very long. Don't you just want to squeeze him?

I have contacted the rescue who is caring for Sammy, 1atatime Rescue. Many rescues are very busy, staffed only by volunteers, but hopefully I will hear back from them.


Wild Dingo said...

why are you contacting the rescue? are you going to take on another dog?

fosterdogblog said...

No, but I like to compare notes about caring for other paralyzed or 2-legged dogs.