Saturday, August 1, 2009

In the News

UPDATE 8/1/09: Apparently the story also ran in Antioch News. My parents gave me their copy today.

I'm kind of disappointed that out of the dozens of pictures they could have used, they picked possibly what is to me, the most boring and uninspired one. It shows nothing of Popeye's spirit. And Phoebe is not even facing the right direction. I just realized that whoever chose it probably liked it because you can clearly see that Popeye has no rear legs.


I found out from a Facebook Friend that a little profile about Popeye and the rescue ran in today's Brentwood News. I knew something was being written because I had a brief interview with the writer a couple of weeks ago and a photographer came by. I didn't know when it would be published, in which offshoot of the Contra Costa Times, or exactly what the article would say.

It seems appropriate that the article ran today, exactly 1 year from the day I picked up Popeye from the airport. We are still trying to get our hands on the paper edition (we don't live in Brentwood) but here's the story online:

A big thank-you to Robin, who is mentioned in the article. She actually contributed much more to it than I did, and without her input, the story would have been a lot flatter.

I would have preferred for the story to be more about Popeye and less about me or the rescue. I know so many unsung heroes who do so much more for the cause than I do that every once in a while, I actually feel ashamed I'm not doing more.

Popeye's story, on the other hand, is so much more compelling. In fact, so many of our previous foster dogs have such wonderful stories of hope and spirit, I would imagine they would make much more interesting reading.

One thing I found funny in the story was that "promotional savvy" and "keen sense of marketing" were used to describe me. I have always felt that one of my biggest limitations on behalf of the dogs is that I lack exactly that. Knowing how much Robin contributed to that story, I told her she should be the spokesperson for the rescue so that I can be the grumpy, silent partner who talks only to the dogs.


Wild Dingo said... GOT PRESS! That's like wicked hard to do! That's like totally awesome. but really, they couldn't focus on Popeye because his awesomeness could never be conveyed with words. Duh! :)

fosterdogblog said...

I think the only reason we "got press" was because Tyler used to work at CCTimes so he knew people who heard about Popeye who knew people who knew people.

Anonymous said...

Who made the little signs that say, "" or "4 legs is greedy"? If you got press because someone who knew someone who knew someone, then when the opportunity came up, you showed up. It is clear that you put a lot of effort into your blog, along with a lot of photos showing the beauty of all your dogs. All of the above show a good sense of marketing and promotion.

So would writing a book. But I repeat myself.