Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miko Peli Grosa

Miko is Japanese for "child of a divine being." Peligroso is spanish for "dangerous." Robin, Miko's foster mom, has extended Miko's name to Miko Peli Grosa. Dangerous. Dangerously smart. Dangerously agile. Dangerously adorable.

Miko is definitely a fearful dog. Not just shy. Fearful. My favorite kind of dog.

But she is great with cats. She rubs up against them, and they rub against her.

And within 24 hours, she became best friends with Logan, the resident Formosan Mountain Dog.

It took a while longer for Miko to get comfy with the humans. A touch here, a brush there. That was all she would allow. But many treats and a few days later, she now allows her foster mom to pet her.

However, she still spooks very easily, especially outside of the house. Even in the yard, any noise and she will make a run for it. She's only allowed in the yard on leash but sometimes that's still not enough. The other night, she was in the enclosed front yard on leash for a potty break. The leash was the kind you get a the vet's office that wraps around the neck. Oddly enough, given Miko's past, she has no sensitivity at all regarding her neck.

While outside, there was a noise and within seconds, Miko had snapped the leash broken and jumped over the 3.5 ft side gate. Luckily, it was the back door of the house that she ran to, wanting to come back into the safety of the house. A leash attached to a harness in addition to a leash around her neck might have prevented this, except Miko has foiled 2 attempts to keep a harness on her--by chewing them off.

Peligroso, see?

While Miko does have a long way to go in becoming more comfortable with the outside world, it's rewarding to see how she has progressed within the household in just a week. She is a very playful, very athletic and energetic young dog. After the horrible images we've seen of what this poor girl has been through, it's nice to finally get a glimpse of the real Miko.


Madeleine said...

Glad to see Miko is doing well in her new home and I believe in time she will be like Popeye, able to recover well and lead a new life.
Waiting to see lots more update from Robin and you too.

Kendra said...

Miko looks just like my dog Mister! Mister is also a rescue from Taiwan. He is a great dog -- friendly with people and other dogs and just great at playtime. He and Miko have the same smile and floppy ears.